Volunteer Social Media Marketer



  Minimum 2 hours per week

  1 hour volunteer meeting per week


We are looking for social media marketers to increase our visibility and improve our presence across social media platforms. Gaining reach for our work on social media is a crucial factor to our success. We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated social media experts that can help us reach the people that can help us in our mission, and the people that we want to help.

Successful applicants will work with our developers and medical advisors to understand the work we are doing, and develop a social media strategy that meets our aims, co-ordinating the publication of content and increase engagement and reach.


  • Excellent team player with great communication/collaboration skills.
  • Experience with marketing on social media channels, experience with non-profits is a bonus.
  • Creativity to develop original and appealing content.


  • Co-ordinate with our developers and medical advisors to understand the work we are doing and promote on our social media channels.
  • Design and develop multi-media content that is engaging, relevant and visually appealing.
  • Ensure that content posted to social media is relevant and supports our overall aims.
  • Coordinate the frequent publication of content for social media campaigns across our social media accounts.
  • Monitor and analyse the success of social media campaigns in order to identify weaknesses, propose recommendations for improvement and implement changes to enhance effectiveness.

Volunteer Terms

  • Successful applicants will start with a one month trial period, following which the volunteer will be considered a permanent volunteer.
  • Volunteers must play an active role in the organization research projects.
  • Volunteers must commit to a minimum of 2 hours a week to contribute to the organization according to their position responsibilities.
  • Volunteers must use the organization's online system to carry out their responsibilities and interact with their team.
  • Volunteers must log their work using the organization's time tracking system and provide regular updates using the tasks comments system.
  • Volunteers must respond to notifications related to tasks, meetings, announcments, and other form of communication from the organization and its volunteers within 72 hours. In the case the communication is tagged as urgent, the volunteer must respond within 24 hours.
  • If a volunteer commits to a deadline, they must ensure that the deadline is met. If a volunteer cannot complete on time they should inform their co-collaborators and team leaders in a timely manner using the system.
  • Volunteers are required to work as a team and support their co-collaborators in a friendly and respectful manner.
  • Volunteers are accountable for their commitments, tasks and actions.
  • Volunteers must understand that not keeping their commitments negatively affects the organization and its volunteers.
  • Volunteers are required to follow the organizations official procedures, training will be provided and volunteers are expected to ensure that they attend the training meetings.
  • Volunteers are required to attend the volunteer meetings each week which will last one hour. Volunteers may only be excused for exceptional circumstances and must provide a minimum of a weeks notice. Volunteers should understand in some circumstances the meetings may last for longer than one hour.
  • If a volunteer is unable to complete their weekly time commitments, the time must be caught up the following week.
  • Volunteers will be expected to support the organization's social media pages, help to promote the work we do, help build our online communities and gain reach.