We are a group of technology enthusiasts and medical professionals brought together by the common interest in battling leukaemia and improving the healthcare/medical industries with open-source technologies, and sharing open information about Leukaemia for patients, families and carers. We aim to use our knowledge and skills to create a better world for Leukaemia patients and their families.

We bring together individuals, companies and organizations to create innovative technologies that could be used in the fight against leukaemia. We are building a network of innovation and collaboration to provide a better future for people and society.

Since 2018 we have been researching into the potential use of Artificial Intelligence for early detection of Leukaemia, raising awareness about Leukaemia and developing open-source technologies that could be used to enhance the medical industry.

We believe that collaboration is crucial in the fight against Leukaemia, and have made it our mission to bring together innovators and medical professionals from around the globe.