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Sponsoring our organization is a perfect way to support our mission and help us move forward with our goals. Whether sponsoring with us with hardware, services, or monetarily, your contribution will help push us forward in our mission to battle Leukaemia with open information and technology.

Hardware, Software & Services

Sponsoring us with hardware, software or services allows us to explore new technologies and how they can be used for Leukaemia detection or to improve the medical / healthcare industries. It is a perfect opportunity to gain visibility of your products and shows the world that your company supports projects for the greater good. Your sponsorship will be shared on our social media channels, and the projects we develop using your technologies will be promoted also. Our projects include open-source codes and full tutorials allowing anyone to use your product even if they have no previous experience with it. Your products may also be used in our demonstrations at technology events and can help to increase exposure for your company and products.


Sponsoring our events helps us to reach more people by allowing us to pay for advertising. If you do not see an event in our community events section and have an idea for an event please include details of your idea below. Your organizations logo will be added to all marketing material and can help gain visibility for your company.


Sponsoring us monetarily will help us move forward in our journey. Your money can help us pay for advertising, services, staff and property allowing our organization to grow.


All sponsors will be featured on our website and in our social media channels. We will also be able to recognize your company in our events and marketing materials. Your logo will be added to all marketing material and can help gain visibility for your company.


Notify us of your intent to sponsor