About The Support Community

The Peter Moss Leukaemia Support Community is an online community with the goals of bridging the gap between patients, their families, friends and carers, and medical professionals.

We are combining traditional online communication tools such as chat rooms, forums and private messaging with modern and innovative solutions such as Virtual and Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence to create a new and innovative type of online community.

The Metaverse

The Metaverse is an old concept recently revived by the likes of Meta (previously Facebook) and Microsoft. The Metaverse brings people into a virtual environment, where they are represented by digital avatars.

Using technologies such as Virtual and Mixed Reality, we are building the future of healthcare support communities where patients and their families and carers can interact in real-time with medical professionals and researchers.

Artificial Intelligence

Although we are still quite far from AI that can consciously hold conversations with humans, retrieval based conversational AI has great potential for providing instant support for commonly asked questions.

We aim to build an Artifical Intelligence Assistant that has been trained on questions from real people and answered by qualified medical professionals in the field of Leukaemia research, bringing a real-time Leukaemia support chatbot to the core of our community.

Community Driven Healthcare

Our community has a particular interest in Community Driven Healthcare and Community Driven Innovation.

Community Driven Healthcare focuses on the collaboration of patients and healthcare providers to improve the overall experience of patients.

Community Driven Innovation provides access to the requirements of the patients regarding new technology and can help in the design and development of new innovative healthcare and medical technologies.

Community Forum

Forums are a traditional way of communicating online, although still very effective.

Our community forum is a public forum and will be a place for patients; their families and friends; and carers to interact with each other and medical professionals.

Private Chat Rooms

Our community hosts private chat rooms where members can communicate in real-time with a little more privacy. The chat rooms have specific topics helping to keep conversations on track, and members can easily private message other members.

Community Photo Gallery

Our community photo gallery is a place for members to take a break from their hectic day to day and share or browse photos.