A large dataset of real patients CT scans for COVID-19 identification



The authors describe a publicly available multiclass CT scan dataset for SARS-CoV-2 infection identification. Which currently contains 4173 CT-scans of 210 different patients, out of which 2168 correspond to 80 patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 and confirmed by RT-PCR. These data have been collected in the Public Hospital of the Government Employees of Sao Paulo (HSPM) and the Metropolitan Hospital of Lapa, both in Sao Paulo - Brazil. The dataset is composed of CT scans in png format, which are divided into: 758 CT scans for healthy patients (15 CT scans per patient on average). 2168 CT scans for patients infected by SASR-CoV-2(27 CT scans per patient on average). 1247 CT scans for patients with other pulmonary directions (16 CT scans per patient on average). TOTAL: 4173 CT scans for 210 patients of Sao Paulo - Brazil (20 CT scans per patient on average). (2020-06-19)

Authors: Plamen Angelov, Eduardo Soares