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Ho Leung Ng

Ho Leung Ng is Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics at Kansas State University. He received his BA at Harvard University, PhD at UCLA, and completed his postdoctoral fellowship at UC Berkeley. He worked for two years in the biotech industry directly under Nobel Laureate, Brian Kobilka, on G-protein coupled receptors.

Prof. Ng's primary research is on structure-based drug discovery for cancer, including machine learning aided drug discovery. Prof. Ng also works on developing new computational methods for molecular imaging and microscopy. Prof. Ng is a National Science Foundation CAREER Awardee. His lab placed first in the Open Source Malaria Drug Activity Prediction Challenge in 2016 and fourth in the Drug Design Data Resource Grand Challenge 4 on predicting BACE1 Inhibitor activity in 2018.

Ho was one of co-founders of the Peter Moss Acute Myeloid & Lymphoblastic Leukemia AI Research project created in 2018 when Peter Moss was first diagnosed with AML. Ho was mostly working on drug discovery research.