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22nd-23rd June 2021       944        Event Website


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Adam Milton-Barker Founder & Managing Director


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oneAPI Developer Summit at ISC focused on oneAPI and Data Parallel C++ for accelerated computing across xPU architectures (CPU, GPU, FPGA, and other accelerators).

In this two-day LIVE virtual conference, you will learn from leading industry and academia speakers who are working on innovative cross-platform, multi-vendor architecture oneAPI solutions. Collaborate from fellow developers and connect with other innovators. Dive into a hands-on session where you will learn and apply optimizations in order to fully exploit device capabilities on CPUs and GPUs. Join a vibrant community supporting each other using oneAPI and Data Parallel C++.

Asociación de Investigacion en Inteligencia Artificial Para la Leucemia Peter Moss President Adam Milton-Barker will be presenting the Magic Leap Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) Detection System, a Mixed Reality application developed for the Magic Leap 1 hardware using Magic Leap's Spatial Computing Environment.

The Magic Leap ALL Detection System combines 4 disruptive technologies to provide a proof of concept showing how Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Mixed Reality can be used together to change medical diagnostics. The classifier achieves ~98% accuracy and was trained using Intel's oneAPI, and deployed to a Raspberry Pi 4 using Intel's OpenVINO for near real-time classification on the edge.

Adam's talk will take place during happy hour which starts at 6:10pm CET. Registration is free so make sure to register on the official website

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Intel oneAPI DevSummit 2021